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Incorporation of vision, open communication, and collaborative engagements has led A & C, as an enterprise, to hold forth their focus to offer reliable and advanced healthcare solutions. Through our journey of offering APIs and Intermediates, we have acquired a better understanding of packaging and Novel Drug Delivery Systems to provide maximum patient care.

Our team has well-experienced and qualified professionals who are the leaders of product selection that address patients’ needs. We are capable of sourcing and representing medical devices and packaging solutions. Our medical products are well-equipped to cater to a large number of therapeutic areas.

With our Flagship projects and dependable collaborations, we have learnt to dive deeper and reflect on our values that drive us to offer unique solutions for every diagnosis. Our team is well-versed in offering end-to-end registration solutions for clients that require an Indian registration.

Syringes: We offer key products that cater to various therapeutic areas. The syringes we offer are developed to offer the maximum advantage to the patients.

– Retractable Syringes
– Disposable Retractable Syringes
– Pre fillable Syringes

Through these medical products, our team is committed to cater to healthcare standards and safety. Experienced professionals ensure the reduction of exposure to injuries. In addition, all the products ensure healthy and prolonged benefits for the user.

Cartridges: Our products are also devised to administer drugs conveniently. The cartridges are developed to ensure proper drug administration when used with Metered Dosage Pens. 

– 3ML Pre fillable, sterile, and crimped cartridge accommodated with metered dosage pens.

Reusable Pens: Reusable pens are equipped with replaceable cartridges for maximum patient convenience and hassle-free insulin administration. After the cartridge is empty, the patient can install a new one without disposing of the entire pen.

Disposable Pens: The Disposable Pen is the most commonly used device for people with diabetes to administer their insulin dose. This pen is equipped with a prefilled insulin cartridge. After use, the entire pen is disposed of.

Fixed Dosage Pens: Our team has focused on providing fixed dosage pens for optimal patient convenience. These fixed dosage pens enable the administering of a fixed dose for multiple therapies. Fixed dosage pens provide a simple mechanism of push and pull to inject the drug.

Metered Dose Pens: The Metered Dosage Pen is developed to administer treatments that involve dispensing serums, insulin, and hormones. These pens can be easily filled at high speed.

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